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Group Wellness

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can source a comprehensive range of products and services to support employee Health and Wellbeing

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Life pressures can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.  An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an essential part of a co-ordinated Heath & Wellbeing plan, offering support for both employees and managers. 

Retaining talent is always a challenging task for HR professionals. Anxiety, stress and depression are increasingly common problems in the workplace.  An Employee Assistance Programme gives your people a safe space to manage their emotional wellbeing, by providing compassionate support across a wide range of issues.

People with a mental health problem are three times more likely to take a long-term sickness absence and that is a clear problem for companies.  An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a low-cost answer which when well communicated will have a demonstrable high return on investment.

Confidential access to health professionals is available 24/7 by phone, e-mail, text and webchat.  A good EAP will also include face-to-face counselling if required.  Given the right support at an early stage will prevent long periods of absence, or repeat episodes, thereby reducing the impact of absence on other members of the team and stress for employee’s families.

An EAP is a core component of an organisation's risk and absence management strategy and a versatile resource for HR professionals.  Managers can also be supported given a better understanding of physical and mental illness in the workplace and how to approach and cope with this additional responsibility.

A happy workforce with good mental health will be more productive, which will help your senior management achieve its goals. A well-structured EAP gives you to tools to get there.


84% of professionals have needed help at some point in their career

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Early intervention can save lives.  An annual preventative health screen could form an important part of a company’s health and wellbeing strategy, helping your employees put their health first.

77% of health screening attendees changed their lifestyle habits

Help attract and retain talent by enhancing your benefits package.  A Health Screen will not only inform staff of their current state of health, but also help identify any future health risk and provide useful guidance on developing healthy habits. Businesses will also benefit from improved productivity by having a healthy engaged workforce. 

All screens are strictly confidential and each participant receives a full report, with referrals to relevant health experts if further tests are required.  Lifestyle coaching helps employees map out a clear route towards a healthier lifestyle and encourages them to proactively look after their wellbeing.


Health assessments encourage behaviour change in the areas that affect companies the most, such as anxiety and stress, which are likely to help with managing absenteeism.  


Some Health Cash Plans offer savings or cash benefits to help with the costs of health screening provision.


We have negotiated discounts with Nuffield Screening  Centres.  To minimise workplace disruption, on-site health assessment programmes can also be arranged if required. 


Our clients enjoy discounted Health Screening rates with Bupa and Nuffield Health

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Occupational health is about preventing health issues, or catching them as early as possible.  We work with you to understand your organisation and its health challenges and effectively shape your health risk management strategy.

Occupational Health plans fit within a comprehensive benefit and wellness policy.  When employee sickness absence becomes a problem, an Occupational Health provider will investigate and identify the causes and provide a bespoke plan of action to reduce absenteeism.  Thereby helping to improve productivity, leaving you to focus on your business priorities.

As well as providing guidance on long term absence, an Occupational Health Service can help you understand the rules and regulations that apply to your company and with developing compliant Health & Safety policies.  They will undertake safety assessments helping to identify workplace health risks, and then provide ergonomic solutions and advice on how to improve employee physical and mental wellbeing.


26.8 million working days lost due to work-related ill health

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