• Geoff Maggs

How Health Assessments Have Evolved in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has, quite rightly, focussed many employers’ minds on the physical and mental health of their employees. Business owners and HR professionals understand that a happy, healthy workforce will be more productive, vital to a business with a reduced headcount, returning to growth.

So how can an employer encourage its employees make positive changes to their lifestyles, resulting in improved productivity?

Many enlightened employers are including Health Assessments in their Health and Wellbeing Strategies to meet this need.

Various levels of Health Assessments are available to suit most budgets, so there is literally something for everyone.

Understanding the “new normal”, Health Assessment providers have recently adapted their product offerings. For instance, COVID-19 antibody testing is now available, either included as a complimentary benefit, or as an affordable cost option, depending on provider. In addition, Online Health Assessments have been developed, allowing workers to have a health check in the comfort of their own home, utilising online GP consultations and coaching sessions, with key pathology testing kits sent by post.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective benefit that will help improve the health and productivity of your workforce, a health assessment is worth considering.

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