• Geoff Maggs

Introducing the "Walking Meeting"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Now it’s the start of the new year, why not introduce “walking meetings” into your weekly schedule? The benefits of doing so are numerous.

Good for your physical health

Most office workers will spend the majority of their day sitting at their desks and this inactivity is likely to be detrimental to their physical health. Walking will help you counter this inactivity, helping you maintain a healthy weight, which will be beneficial to your overall physical health.

Good for your mental health

A change in environment will help break up your daily routine and, getting away from the office, may be a great way of reducing stress. A good walk will also encourage your brain to release endorphins, giving you a sense of positivity and possibly even euphoria, which is good for your mental wellbeing.

Your visitor will enjoy the experience

If the person you’re meeting has travelled for several hours to see you, they’ll appreciate a walk, rather than sitting down for another hour, or so.

Demonstrates great time-management

A walking meeting will save you time, as you’ll be killing two birds with one stone with concurrent activity. It means you won’t have to find time later in the day for the equivalent level of physical activity.

It stimulates creativity

Many studies have found that a physical environment that makes a person feel relaxed and safe will encourage them to be more creative.

Barriers are broken down

When colleagues are walking side-by-side, the hierarchical barriers that often exist between senior managers and employees are significantly reduced, which helps strengthen the personal communication.

if you decide to incorporate walking meetings into your weekly schedule, or if you already hold walking meetings, please let us know how you get on.

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