• Geoff Maggs

The Benefits of a Health Cash Plan

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Many businesses now understand the benefits of looking after their most valuable asset – their staff. HR professionals are designing health and wellbeing strategies which help maintain and improve both the physical and mental health of their employees.

A Health Cash Plan can play an important role in your strategy by allowing your staff to take a preventative approach to their health. The introduction of a cash plan will encourage your employees to make regular visits to health professionals including dentists and opticians and allow them quick access to treatment when they suffer from a medical condition.

A number of cash plans now include access to an employee assistance plan, allowing members to discuss their issues with a professional 24/7, with the option of face-to-face counselling when required.

A cash plan is a relatively low-cost employee benefit that will help your company recruit and retain staff, whilst improving productivity by reducing sickness absence levels.

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