• Richard Skeates

We are all in it together

The one positive outcome of the current pandemic is a realisation by companies that employees, throughout the workforce, expect more from their employers. This relates to their own support and increasingly support for families/dependants.

Gone too are the days when only senior staff benefited from gold plated PMI and Life policies. Now all employee expectations are high, including life cover, critical illness cover, as well as healthy living incentives.

Also it is not just about provision, it must be accessible, be relevant, offer choice, and above all it should be well communicated, so that scheme usage and deliverable benefit is high. A scheme’s promotion and visibility depends on company population and demographics as to whether Apps are more suitable than webinars, or even printed literature sent to home.

What is clear is that there needs to be something for everyone in a corporate population possibly starting with an EAP/Health Cash Plan, or Life insurance. It is a cost effective “arm around the shoulder”. After all, we are all in it together.

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