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Private Medical Insurance provides the reassurance to you and your family wherever your lifestyle takes you 

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Pressure on NHS services continues.  Early diagnosis, speedy treatment, together with a choice of Consultant and Hospital are of utmost importance.  The benefits of private medical insurance are clear.

Private Medical Insurance can affect outcomes by giving speedy access to diagnostic tests and to a wider range of treatments, such as specialist cancer drugs and specialist services, than are available under the NHS.


With regard to benefit design, in addition to the normal Core benefits of Specialist Consultations, Diagnostics, Cancer Cover and Hospital Treatment, most insurers offer the option of tailoring the scheme to suit budgetary requirements. 


Cover can be enhanced by including benefits such as Mental Health Treatment, Complementary Medicine and additional benefits such as Private GP Services, Dental, Optical and Travel Cover. 


Many now include added value services such as Health & Wellbeing Offers, Gym Discounts, Virtual GP Services, Telephone Support from Specialist Heart or Cancer Nurses and Second Medical Opinions.

Premiums can be reduced by selecting a Policy Excess and restricting benefits, hospital access or benefit levels.  

Everyone has different requirements and budgets when are considering purchasing private healthcare policies.  Our skill is to navigate your choices and select the most suitable cover for you and your family, with the right insurer at the best possible cost.

Globally mobile families and High Net Worth individuals should consider the added advantages offered by International Private Medical Insurance schemes.


The NHS target to treating non-emergency procedures such as knee or hip operations is 18 weeks

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If you spend an extended period of time overseas you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an International Private Medical Insurance policy, keeping you covered wherever you are.

Rapid access to the best healthcare facilities when overseas

Living and working overseas can bring many benefits but it can also pose challenges.  Without the safety net of the NHS, having an International Private Medical Insurance policy is likely to be high on the list of priorities.

International policies normally provide a higher level of benefits than UK domestic schemes, including Private Maternity, Health Checks and Chronic Conditions cover.  Most would include popular Dental and Optical benefits and several have introduced Virtual GP Services, facilitating video consultations with Doctors at any time day or night.

If you or your family become ill or have an accident you will have rapid access to the best private healthcare facilities within your selected geographic area.  Most policies include Evacuation or Repatriation in the event that suitable treatment is not available locally.

Global providers offer a high level of support. Multilingual Helplines are normally open 24 hours a day throughout the year.  ​Most insurers have developed apps and mobile responsive websites, allowing easy access to membership details and claims submission when travelling.

An International Private Medical Insurance policy will be more suitable for globally mobile families and High Net Worth individuals requiring more extensive benefits and the ability to seek the best treatment in the world.  Top level healthcare support is offered by some global providers via ‘white glove’ concierge services.


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